One of the most-visited natural sites in the UK, Dovedale is a stunning limestone valley located on the banks of the flowing River Dove in the Peak District.

In 2006, the valley was given the status of ‘National Nature Reserve’ for its importance to wildlife and native flowers; it's hard to think that 360 million years ago the same valley sat at the bottom of a coral reef waiting to emerge. Serving as a spectacular reminder of this, are the towering rock formations formed millions of years ago by ice, water and wind erosion that jut out of the valley floor.

The name Dovedale itself derives from the pre-saxon word ‘dub’ meaning ‘black’, to describe the dark course the River Dove takes through the gorge. Crossing this river are Dovedale’s famous stepping stones, laid in the Victorian era and enjoyed by all ages to this day.

Rare flora such as wild lily of the valley can be spotted on the valley floor – but be sure to look up so you don’t miss the striking blue kingfishers darting through the reeds on the river. Moss & Adams’ Dovedale Valley soothing hand wash contains violet leaf, fresh jasmine and wild amber to replicate a calming stroll through this beautiful valley.

Our Ethics

From nature, to nature. All of our plastic bottles are not only recyclable, but made from 100% UK sourced recycled plastic. But we don't stop there, our hand washes have been expertly crafted and blended with naturally derived, biodegradable, plant-based cleansers.


The Moss & Adams products have been inspired by and carefully blended to recreate the scents of the Great British outdoors.