Gift Pack Duo
Gift Pack Duo

Gift Pack Duo


Anti-bacterial, vegan, hand washes inspired by nature. Now in a beautiful bespoke gift pack.

Made in the UK with the finest naturally-derived ingredients, including moisturisers to leave hands soft and nourished.

Pack includes 2 x 500ml hand washes. Select your favourite fragrances below.



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Choose two of our 500ml hand washes:

Mullion Cove - Feel refreshed with stimulating notes of Iris, Hyacinth and Ocean Spray.

Dovedale Valley - Feel at peace with soothing notes of Violet Leaf, Fresh Jasmine and Wild Amber.

Windermere Lake - Feel inspired with the exhilarating notes of Natural Cedarwood, Lemon and Spearmint.

Sherwood Forest - Feel balanced through the earthy notes of Cedar, Mandarin and Juniper.

Melrose Grove - Feel rested with relaxing notes of Red Berries, Lily and Cassis.

Snowdon Falls - Feel energised with crisp notes of Lotus Flower, Peony and Natural Rose.